During Emily and her sister Savannah’s winter break from school Gigi, the girls’ grandma, took them on a day trip to Gibbs Gardens. This breathtaking attraction is conveniently located in north metro Atlanta, nestled in the North Georgia Mountain foothills.


Gibbs Gardens: A North Georgia Destination
These incredible gardens, which have long been a touring destination for serious garden club members, were opened to the public in 2012. They are the masterpiece and dwelling place of landscaping and horticultural expert Jim Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs and the landscaping company he founded have won over 250 awards, including some of the most prestigious national awards. His skill and love of nature shine through in countless ways throughout the manor and gardens’ 220 amazing acres. With 19 waterfalls, 24 ponds, 32 bridges, and hundreds of different plant species encircled by serene wooded areas and spring-fed streams, this garden lovers paradise is the ideal setting for anyone who finds pleasure basking in the glories of nature.

Daffodils Blooming Early in Gibbs Gardens

One of the highlights of the gardens is the impressive display of 20 million daffodils, including over 100 varieties, that were already in bloom during our visit due to the unseasonably warm February weather. Mr. Gibbs started his daffodil garden over 30 years ago and has planted over 3 million daffodils. The daffodils, which are perennial, have multiplied throughout the years to produce the stunning results the garden’ visitors currently enjoy viewing. Normally the daffodils don’t bloom until March or even April, so getting to see them so early in the year was a special treat.

20 Million Daffodils in Georgia

We purchased our tickets and then boarded a tram that took us straight to the daffodil gardens. A full 50 of Gibbs Gardens’ 200+ acres are covered in these blossoming beauties. The garden actually boasts the largest collection of daffodils in the world outside of Holland! Emily, Savannah, and Gigi were delighted to view the delicate sea of yellow flowers stretching as far as the eye could see. It was like being in daffodil heaven! We enjoyed wandering the hills soaking in the gorgeous scenery and taking photos of the different varieties of daffodils.

Stroll Up To The Manor House

Next we meandered up the path to the ManorHouse Gardens, passing under large trees filled with chirping birds on our way. We were enchanted by the sight of small, tranquil ponds and flowing waterfalls nearby the Manor, which is the Gibbs family’s personal residence.

Replica of Monet’s Garden

We strolled back to the Welcome Center, passing a pond with a bridge that Mr. Gibbs designed to replicate the one he had seen in Monet’s garden in Giverny, France. The plants and flowers surrounding the Manor were just beginning to wake up from their winter’s nap.


Surrounded by Nature
Emily loved being able to be outdoors and feel the warmth of this spring-like day. She enjoyed hearing the sounds and taking in the sights of this exquisite natural surrounding: tweeting birds, flowing streams, and trickling waterfalls. The fresh air was filled with the delectable fragrance of blossoming flowers.


Four Seasons of Garden
We were so impressed with the glimpse of the garden we experienced on our trip that we decided to buy season passes. These masterfully-planned gardens were designed to highlight the beauty of the different seasons with a variety of plants blooming throughout the spring and summer, followed by glorious fall colors. We look forward to returning to see the all that these graceful gardens have in store for us as other plants reach their spectacular peak of perfection later in the year. We highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to be thrilled by the natural beauty and landscaping expertise these exquisite North Georgia gardens have to offer.

At the time of this article being written, adult tickets to the garden cost $20, senior tickets cost $18, and children’s tickets cost $10. Tickets for a group of 10 or more cost $16. Hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with entry gates closing at 4:00 PM.

Where: 1987 Gibbs Drive, Ball Ground, GA 30107

You can find out more information as well as find a schedule of seasonal events and answers to frequently asked questions by visiting their website:

For more information visit: www.gibbsgardens.com