Last fall, our youngest daughter Savannah decided she’d like to have a pet parakeet. As a child I, her dad, had a parakeet named Titus. My mother, who Savannah calls “Gigi,” obtained Titus from a parakeet breeder. I had such great memories of him. He used to sit on the edge of the cereal bowl and eat his breakfast while I looked on in admiration. He was such a friendly, wonderful pet! When he passed away, our family found another bird at a pet store. This bird’s personality was so unlike Titus — unfriendly, aggressive, and not at all playful. He would even try to bite us. He didn’t have the right temperament to make a good family pet.

My personal experience informed our search for Savannah’s pet parakeet. We decided to look for a hand-raised parakeet from a breeder. We figured that this would be our best chance of finding a friendly pet bird who would bond well with Savannah.

Finding The Right Breeder

We set out on an internet search to find the right parakeet breeder. Many breeders claimed they could have a pet bird shipped overnight. In reality, however, many of these breeders turned out to be a disappointment. They would fail to respond to our inquiries, or they would reply with sketchy information. Sometimes they would send a picture of a certain bird, but when the transaction was about to be finalized, they would send pictures of a completely different bird. The costs these breeders charged for their birds was $75-$150, plus $200 for shipping. Disillusioned with our online experience, we decided to try a different route to obtain Savannah’s feathered friend.

We found out that there was going to be a Southeast Exotic Bird Show coming right to our local area of Atlanta. We contacted them via Facebook with questions about finding trustworthy hand-raised bird breeders. They pointed us in the direction of On A Wing Bird Breeder. We got in touch with this breeder over Facebook and were impressed at their responsiveness and transparency. Based on the information and pictures they shared with us, we were confident that we would find our new pet parakeet at the bird show.

Exploring The Southeast Exotic Bird Show

The Southeast Exotic Bird Show was held at a fairgrounds in Atlanta. The show’s vendors brought a whole host of different types of birds, such as parakeets, parrotlets, macaws, lovebirds, finches, and doves. We were especially impressed to see the amazing variety of finches. All sorts of bird supplies, such as cages, toys, and food, were also available for purchase. We were excited to see the love and enthusiasm for birds among all the event’s participants. Anyone interested in seeing beautiful and unique birds would enjoy coming to this splendid show.

Kalyn’s Kute Keets

We found the On A Wing Bird Breeder booth and were thrilled to see their selection of premium parakeets. The parakeets were located in a section of the booth entitled “Kalyn’s Kute Keets.” A young girl named Kalyn helps to hand-raise these birds so they are friendly and tame. Kalyn walked all around the bird show with her pet parakeet Rainbow on her shoulder. Rainbow’s calm, gentle demeanor showed how hand-raised parakeets can be an ideal pet for kids.

Kalyn was at the booth when we arrived. She helped introduce Savannah to her new parakeet. Since Savannah had never held a parakeet before, she was a bit nervous. Kalyn patiently instructed her in the proper way to hold her bird. She was so thoughtful that she even provided us with a gift to put in our new parakeet’s cage! Savannah was delighted to be able to bring Gidget, her turquoise parakeet, home from the bird show.

Gidget and Savannah

Savannah immediately fell in love with her new pet. She keeps Gidget close by her side when she’s reading or working on homework. Gidget enjoys sitting on Savannah’s head, running around on her bed, and eating millet from her hand. He’s a charming bird with plenty of character!


Welcoming Storm

Savannah eventually asked us for another bird friend to keep Gidget company. The next time the bird show came into town, we visited Kalyn’s Kute Keets at the On A Wing Bird Breeder booth again and found the perfect companion. Savannah was excited to bring home Storm, a snow white and blue parakeet, and introduce him to Gidget.

Introducing a new bird into the home of an established pet bird can sometimes be stressful for both birds. The original bird is often territorial, seeking to protect his cage, perch, and toys from the newcomer. When the two birds met, there was a bit of uneasiness for the first couple of hours, but by the end of the day they were talking and playing well with one another.

Savannah is so thankful for her feathered friends. She loves watching them interact with one another and having the opportunity to be a part of their lives. If you’re thinking about welcoming a pet parakeet into your home, we highly recommend going with a reputable bird breeder likeOn A Wing Bird Breeder. Choosing a hand-raised, kid-friendly bird can make a real difference when it comes to having a positive experience with your pet parakeet.