Emily took an incredible field trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, with the 8th grade class at her Christian School to learn more about the Bible and the story of Noah and his ark. She and her classmates traveled by bus from Atlanta to the one-of-a-kind museum that chronicles earth’s history from a Biblical Creation perspective. Emily’s favorite highlights included the planetarium, insect collection, and petting zoo. The detailed, high-quality exhibits at this state-of-the-art facility made learning about God’s creatures both fun and interesting.

Stargazers Planetarium

At Stargazers Planetarium Emily and her classmates took a thrilling virtual adventure through time and space. She was amazed at how the projected images in this small, domed room could give the illusion of hurtling through countless miles of space. The class enjoyed viewing stars, planets, super clusters, nebulae, and entire galaxies. The show emphasized both the vastness of space and the majestic power of the One who created all things.

Insectarium: Moths, Beetles and other of God’s Insects from Around the World

The class made their way through the many fascinating sections of the Museum, including the Time Tunnel and Dino Den. The museum includes plenty of life-size, realistic animatronic characters acting out scenes from Biblical history. They finally reached Dr. Crawley’s Insectorioum. This large, impressive insect collection which includes an amazing variety of butterflies, moths, beetles and other insects from around the world was donated to the Creation Museum in 2013 by Dr. Geoff Crawley, a creation scientist. He wanted to use his impressive collection to share his love of God’s creation with others.

Emily was excited to see so many beautiful insects of varying size, shape, and color on display. This cool exhibit was designed to look like a futuristic science lab, complete with an animatronic expert called “Dr. Arthur Pod” on hand to answer questions. He talked about the intricate design features of numerous insects. One, called the bombardier beetle, has a complex defense mechanism that includes producing a certain mixture of chemicals that work with the beetle’s unique body parts to form a small combustion!

Up Close to God’s Creatures at the Petting Zoo

Of course, for Emily, one of the best parts of the day was visiting the petting zoo. Getting to see God’s creatures up close made up for the cloudy, rainy weather. Some of the animals found on-site included donkeys, coatis, alpacas, camels, goats, and wallabies. The lovable wallabies reminded Emily of tiny kangaroos. A couple of unique animals Emily and her classmates encountered were the zonkey and zorse. These cross-bred equine animals were produced by mating a donkey and zebra and a horse and zebra. Besides being a fun encounter with animals, the exhibit taught about the Biblical view of the created kinds within the animal kingdom.

Museum Focuses on Bible Accuracy and Noah’s Ark

Emily and her classmates were extremely impressed by both the professionalism and Biblical accuracy of the Creation Museum. She hopes to be able to return someday for even more exploration of this world-class museum. New exhibits and attractions are added on a regular basis, such as a Dinosaurs and Dragons exhibit that purports to link many of the ancient dragon sightings and legends to dinosaurs. Most importantly, the museum provides a powerful presentation of the gospel of mankind’s fall into sin and the salvation available to all who place their trust in Jesus Christ. It clearly explained how He died on the cross to pay for the sins of the world and rose again from the dead as Lord.

Visiting The Creation Museum and Ark Encounter

Though groups often receive a discounted rate, at the time of this article being written the cost of a visit to the Creation Museum is $30 for adults for general admission, $24 for seniors age 60+, $16 for children ages 5-12, and free for children under age five. Discounted combination tickets are also available for those visiting both the Creation Museum and the nearby Ark Encounter. They also offer unlimited seven-day combo tickets for both the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, along with annual passes.