Family trip to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove Orlando

Emily and her sister recently enjoyed a swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida near Disney World! This all-inclusive day resort transports visitors to a tropical paradise complete with rocky lagoons, white-sand beaches, and waterfalls. Best of all, Emily got to interact with amazing animals! The all-inclusive day package provided masks, snorkels, life vests, marine-life safe sunscreen, meals, snacks, and various animal encounters. Visitors aren’t allowed to wear fins, as they can hurt the marine life. The number of people admitted to the park is limited, providing guests with a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. Emily was entranced by her surroundings at Discovery Cove, which reminded her of the Caribbean Island of Aruba.

Spectacular Swim With The Dolphins

To swim with the dolphins Emily and her sister had to sign up for a specific time. The swim cost was not included with general admission. Emily and her sister entered the dolphin area at their appointed time with a group and two trainers. The trainers educated the group about the dolphins, including safe techniques for touching them. Then the group lined up and the dolphin slowly swam by for the group to touch her. There was even an opportunity to kiss the dolphin, which Emily’s sister chose to do. One at a time, the group members swam out to the lagoon. The dolphin would meet them and swim them back to the shore. The dolphin was able to swim surprisingly fast, which made holding onto her and riding quite exciting!

Kissing a dolphin at Discovery Cove Orlando

Snorkeling At The Grand Reef

Though Emily has been snorkeling before in the Caribbean, the snorkeling at Discovery Cove’s Grand Reef was the best she had ever experienced. There seemed to be a multitude of colorful, diverse fish surrounding her on all sides. At the back of the tank was a separate area where sharks swam behind glass. Emily was curious about the sharks, so she kept swimming down toward their area to get a closer look at them. The reef area included a number of stingrays. Their stingers had been removed so guests could safely swim with them. Emily loved watching them gracefully glide through the water.

Feeding Birds At Explorer’s Aviary

Next, Emily and her sister got to have an up-close encounter with a wide variety of tropical birds in the Explorer’s Aviary. They entered the aviary and were delighted when birds began to fly by and even land on them. Food and nectar were provided to give to the birds. Emily got to feed tropical birds like toucans. Always the practical joker, Emily put a bit of bird seed on her grandmother (Gigi’s) head! She was a bit startled when a few birds landed on her! Emily and her sister took their time exploring this exhibit. They loved getting to observe first-hand some of the different types of tropical birds they had seen before only in books.

Feed the birds at Discovery Cove in the Aviary

Splashing And Playing At Serenity Bay

Serenity Bay offered Emily and her sister the perfect chance to splash, play, and have some fun. This huge, 85-degree freshwater swimming area includes shallow waters with caves and waterfalls that are just right for hide-and-seek! One of the waterways went around a small island where monkeys were chattering and climbing. Right behind some glass, Emily could see otters swimming. She felt like she was so close that she was actually swimming with the playful otters.

This incredible day resort is certainly one of Orlando’s hidden treasures. It offered Emily and her family a day of relaxation, refreshment, and new experiences with wildlife. Emily highly recommends Discovery Cove to anyone who enjoys being surrounded by tropical scenery and experiencing unforgettable animal adventures.

There are a variety of different packages available at Discovery Cove. Some of them are even bundled with other parks and attractions in the Orlando area. Prices for each of the packages can vary from day to day throughout the year. Space at the resort is limited, so it’s important to book your tour package well in advance. You can find out more by going to their website: or by giving them a call at (407)-513-4600.