Family Fun at Denver Downs Farm Anderson SC included Solar Eclipse Party

Denver Downs in Anderson, South Carolina was the perfect setting for the viewing of the August 21, 2017, Great American Solar Eclipse. This delightful family-owned agri-tourism farm was about a two-hour drive from our home in Atlanta.

Anderson, SC, was in the path of totality for the eclipse, meaning that the sun’s light would be completely blocked from view at that location for two minutes and thirty-four seconds. Denver Downs had made preparations for the influx of visitors to the area by planning a Solar Eclipse Party.

With our solar eclipse glasses and lawn chairs in hand, we made our way up a large hill to a grassy, open area. We brought a picnic along to enjoy during this momentous occasion. When the eclipse began, we got a brief look at the sun before the sky became overcast. Though we weren’t able to have as clear of a view of the eclipse totality as we had hoped, seeing the surrounding land go dark at the 360-degree viewing point was worth the drive.

After the eclipse, we were able to explore the grounds of Denver Downs. We were surprised to discover all of the other fun activities this unique farm had to offer for visitors of all ages.

Racing In The Rat Roller

Emily loved spinning around in the Rat Roller. There were several huge plastic pipes set up in a row. Participants would each step inside their own “rat roller.” They would then run inside the tube and push with their hands. Emily enjoyed racing against other “rat rollers.” She felt just like a hamster spinning around in a wheel! She fell down in a fit of giggles and dizziness at the end of her race.

Denver Downs Sc Farm - Family games

Bounding On The Round Hay Bale Run

Climbing up onto the round hay bales proved to be a bit of a challenge. Emily found herself getting wedged between the bales and getting pieces of hay stuck all over her arms and legs. Once she finally made her way to the top of the bales, she and her friend pounced and raced from hay bale to hay bale!

Denver Down Fall Festival fun in South Carolina

Visiting The Petting Farm

Of course animal-loving Emily had to stop and check out all the animals on the petting farm. There were plenty of healthy and happy looking cows, goats, and pigs. Emily especially enjoyed spending time with a cute little calf.

Petting Farm at Denver Downs Anderson South Carolina Farm

Catching Air On The Jumping Pillow

The giant jumping pillow was a main attraction at Denver Downs. This humungous, inflated white pillow was the ideal spot for bouncing and flying high! As Emily would land on the pillow her friend Kelly would be sent soaring into the air. When Kelly landed, Emily would be the one to take flight!

Solar Eclipse Festival at Denver Downs

Posing For Pictures On The Big Chair

Emily and her friend climbed up on a gigantic chair to pose for pictures at the end of the day. Her solar eclipse 2017 experience at Denver Downs will definitely be one to remember!

Famous Giant Chair at Denver Downs Farm

Munching On Tasty Treats

Emily enjoyed sampling some of the delicious snacks available at the farm. Some of her favourites were the yummy popcorn and snow cones. Different food items are available at the concession area throughout the various seasons of the year.

Special Events At Denver Downs

Even if you missed the Solar Eclipse Party at Denver Downs, there are always plenty of reasons to visit this fun agri-tourism attraction. They have special events going on throughout the year for the whole family. These would include a movie night at Christmas time as well as fabulous fall activities such as a corn maze, straw barn with rope swings, and pumpkin patch.

To find out about upcoming events and current pricing information you can visit the Denver Downs website or call them at 864-940-0357.