Visiting Cayman Crystal Caves: Grand Cayman Island

One rainy day during our family trip to The Cayman Islands we decided to visit Cayman Crystal Caves, the island’s newest nature attraction. This tour lasts approximately one and a half hours. It was about a 45-minute drive from Georgetown/Seven Mile beach.

Crystal Caves in The Cayman Islands

Since we were running a few minutes late and missed the bus from the main entrance to the caves, we drove our rental car down the gravel bumpy road to catch our tour group. The road was surrounded by lush vegetation. After parking, we met up with our tour guide Chester and 16 other tourists to begin our tour. Chester was a local Cayman resident with an Irish accent, though he said he was of Scotish descent. We were encouraged to put on the bug spray that was provided as well as grab a bottle of water. Even on a rainy day, under an umbrella, the walk was hot and humid.

Inside Open Ceiling Cave

We followed Chester to the First cave, which was called Open Ceiling Cave. We descended a spiral staircase to a small cave. Inside were small tunnels leading to other caves. Chester took fun pictures of Emily and Savannah which made them look like they were climbing ropes out of the cave. He shined his light to show us dazzling crystals that had formed within the cave. Throughout the tour, Chester would point out stalactites that looked like different objects. This cave included one that looked like a small elephant head.

Open Ceiling Cave

Roaming Through Root Cave

Next came Root Cave. This cave had tree roots growing through the ceiling right down into the cave. It also boasted some very unique stalactites The pathways of Root Cave were well lit so it was easy to navigate our way around the cave. It featured stalactites that resembled a family of owls.

Visiting Cayman Crystal Caves: Grand Cayman Island

Looking Through Luminous Lake Cave

We then came upon Lake Cave, which was originally a network of eight different caves. The park designers broke through them to connect them into one large cave. It was the most impressive cave we encountered during our tour. Featuring a serene lake, the cave was lit up with four different sets of lights that highlighted different aspects of the lake. Chester pointed out stalactites that looked like an Indian face.

Visiting Cayman Crystal Caves: Luminous Lake Cave

Sleeping Fruit Bats

At the exit of the cave, fruit bats were entering to go to sleep. They clung to the ceiling of the cave. The bats still entering the cave were flying around and extremely active, which was entertaining and interesting to watch. Outside of the cave was a giant tree with its roots covering part of the exit.

What: Cayman Crystal Caves
Address: 69 North Side Rd, Old Man Bay, Cayman Islands


Visiting Cayman Crystal Caves: Grand Cayman Island