Wild Adventures Zoo Amusement Park Georgia

Six Flags is a big roller coaster park in Georgia, but did you know not far from Atlanta there is a theme park that is part amusement park, part water park and part zoo?

On family trips to Orlando, we noticed many signs advertising Wild Adventures Theme Park. The park features 59 attractions and over 500 wild animals. We decided to check out this unique zoo, amusement park, and waterpark located in South Georgia. It was just a little over a three-hour drive from our home in the Atlanta area.

The rides ranged from kiddie rides to carnival-style rides like teacups and the tilt-a-whirl, to thrilling roller coasters. It’s a great option for kids, teens, and adults. One of our favorite rides was the Swamp Thing roller coaster.

Soaring through the Cypresses on the Swamp Thing Roller Coaster

This exciting coaster took us on a journey through a swamp of cypress trees. Toward the end of the ride, we got a real thrill as we passed right by an alligator exhibit down on the ground below us! We especially liked how comfortable the suspended coaster felt. It rides very smoothly compared to some other types of thrill rides.

Georgia Roller Coaster over Alligator Swamp

Strolling Along the Alapaha Trail

We ambled on a leisurely walk along the quiet, peaceful Alapaha Trail. This trail, which is older than the park itself, winds through the park’s natural swamp habitat. It includes lush, shady trees, and exotic animals like green monkeys, bears, and alligators. Near the end of the trail, there’s also a friendly African Grey parrot that Emily found extremely engaging and talkative.

Animal exhibits in Wild Adventures Park

Exploring the Bird House

Next, we took a walk through the aviary, which was filled with budgies, finches, and doves. We purchased some food at the entrance to feed to the birds. We had to stay very still, holding the food up high to attract these bashful feathered friends. After a while, we had the birds eating out of the palms of our hands!

Kids Feeding Birds - Wild Adventures Zoo Georgia

Safari Train Excursion

The hot Georgia sun was blazing during our time at the park. We hopped onto the Safari Train to take a much-needed break. During our relaxing ride, the conductor pointed out animals the train was passing and told us interesting details about them. These included antelope, zebras, giraffes, elephants, elk, water buffalo, blackbuck, and rhinoceroses. Seeing the animals grazing with giant rollercoasters in the background was quite an experience!

Train Ride through Safari in Georgia Amusement Park

Feeding the Giraffes

Emily plans to be a zookeeper someday, so we always look for opportunities for her to get up-close and personal with wildlife. Wild Adventures gave us a chance to do just that. We were able to purchase lettuce to feed to the park’s giraffes for just a few dollars. Under the careful supervision of one of the trained animal handlers, we each got to step into the feeding area one by one. It was an incredible thrill for Emily and the rest of the family. These majestic creatures towering over us and bending their elegant necks down to feed was a truly unforgettable moment!

Petting Zoo - Feeding Giraffe at Amusement Park Zoo in Georgia

More Information

Wild Adventures
3766 Old Clyattville Rd,
Valdosta, GA 31601

At the time of this article being written, ticket prices are as follows:

Two-day general admission to the theme park including waterpark:

$44 for children 3-9
$49 for adults 10-54
$44 for seniors 55+

There are also deals available if you purchase tickets online in advance:

7+ days in advance $39
2-6 days in advance $41

Families can save even more by purchasing Family Adventure Meal Deal tickets that include meals while you’re at the park. You have to purchase at least four tickets to get the meal deal. This meal deal includes one 32 ounce soda per person and one meal voucher that’s good to use for certain foods such as pizza, chicken tenders, cheeseburger, grilled chicken salad, pulled pork sandwich, and fries. If you get the Ultimate Family Meal Deal, each family member gets a wristband that entitles them to free unlimited soda for the day. Current pricing for these deals is:

Family Adventure Meal Deal

$45 per person online
$53 at the park

Ultimate Family Adventure Meal Deal

$52 per person online
$60 at the park

You can find even more special offers and find out about season passes and group rates on their website.

We were more than happy with our first experience visiting Wild Adventures Theme Park. Our family looks forward to spending more time in the future exploring this three-in-one zoo, carnival, and waterpark adventure playground! We highly recommend it for a fun family getaway.